My stay at Panorama Cottages, Ssese Islands

Panorama Cottages has moved up to being my top resort when I’m visiting Ssese Island, Kalangala District, Uganda. I’ve been traveling to Ssese Islands for the last few years and have stayed in 4 other still great hotels but the grounds of Panorama Cottages has that feel and look of island comfort. 

Now… my stay was short but still the friendly and professional staff, the
ground’s island decor, and the AWESOME forest walk that leads to a private
hidden beach made every moment spectacular.

The #hammocks strategically placed throughout the property with soft white sand
underneath made me feel so relaxed while birds chirping in the background.

The bonfire had me tempted to just pitch a tent and go back to my favorite hobby, camping. I met some pretty cool people that allowed time to simply pass.

OMG, the #ForestWalk which its entrance is right through #PanoramaCottages property is a photographer’s paradise. The guide was quite informative and had plenty of knowledge. As a micro #photography lover the walk took us a bit longer. When you reach the end of the forest walk you land at a totally private Lake Victoria

About the actual accommodations, the actual cottages were quite spacious and comfy. The units are independent and self-contained. Hot water was never a problem, however, you should now that it’s on a schedule from your shower head. From 6am to about 11am the water is hot then warm and again in the evening. Now if you’re like me… spoiled with taking hot/warm showers, the friendly staff will either provided you with hot water and/or they’ll turn on the furnace.

 I’m sure I will be revisiting for a longer stay and more to share before I leave Uganda. I’ve become quite mesmerize the Ssese Island life.