And away I go… for my 24-hour layover in Amsterdam

On this long journey to Uganda I decided to do a 24 hour layover in Amsterdam… why not.

I would recommend travelers that have problems with taking long flights to design their flights with long layovers. This heals your long flight journey.

My 24 hours is Amsterdam was superb full of an exciting tour through the streets. I changed currency at the airport and booked a bus to central Amsterdam.

Stop one was at Bulldog Cafe the ever popular weed pub. I sat there for a good hour and enjoyed inhaling the sweet aromas of their products.

I walked and walked from street to street almost in a zig-zag path covering all streets and alley ways. The canals were full of canoes and small boats and the bridges covered in bicycles. I mean the scene spews out in romance… and as usual I am solo 🙁 enjoying such beauty.

Before dark I met some cool guys and continued on my journey with them. We visited several alley ways of the red light district. Quite an interesting view indeed. I know understand the logic of such a job but still very shocking to experience it with my own eyes. 

As I say good-bye to my new buddies, I took the bus back to the airport and on my way to Uganda on an overnight KLM flight.