Coffee At Last in Makindye, Uganda!

Coffee At Last… pretty nice

“Coffee At Last” is a cool coffee spot/ stylish restaurant/ bar/ lounge in Makindye Hill, Kampala Uganda. It’s on the second floor with front balcony seating. I was invited to check it out and one of the pros prior to my arrival was wifi is readily available. I’m also a nomad workaholic.

My initial observation was the interior design as I walked up the stairs. The tables and walls are showcased with creative art. I was instantly impressed. I toured the whole place because of the unique messages of artistry spread all around. It was definitely a photo-shoot moment.

I ordered there breaded fish dinner plate and black coffee. Mmmm finally found some good coffee. The food was delicious and the service refreshingly friendly. 

I would say that I plan to have more experiences here whether its a visit for the good coffee, food, stylish feel, and the free wifi… I shall be back. 

I’d also say its perfect for meetings and a nice quiet place to work on your laptop or reading a book while enjoying their services.

Home – Coffee At Last

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